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Top 5 Tips: Keeping it Light & Healthy at Viga this Summer

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When you think of Viga, you probably think of Pizza, Pasta, Calzones and Chicken Parm. We are glad that you love our food, but we have heard your comments….Sometimes you just want something a little lighter, a little healthier and a little more summer friendly. You have spoken and we have listened!


Here are 5 tips for eating healthier this summer at Viga 

1. Did you know that 2 of our locations (Pi Alley and Clarendon Street) now have a tossed salad station?  Load up your salad, just the way you like it.

2. Have a favorite sandwich? Make it a bowl instead and enjoy over rice. One of our favorites is the buffalo chicken bowl!

3. Try our “Lighter Side” Menu – healthier and lighter versions of some of your favorites!

4. Check out our cooler – every day we stock it with pre made salads, grain based salads (don’t forget to check out Chef Raffy’s blog for a great new quinoa salad), hard boiled eggs and other treats. 

5. Even in the summer, our soups are sure to satisfy and delight!  Many of our soups are light and loaded with veggies…a perfect light lunch with a side salad. 


What are your favorite healthier options at Viga? What would you like to see us add to the menu to give you more healthy options? 




Shawn Wilson is one of the Founding Partners of Viga Italian Eatery & Caterer. Using her passion for food and entertaining, she has helped create our reputation for amazing food, top notch catering, and beautiful presentation. Living in Gloucester with her 3 Italian Greyhounds, Shawn uses her extra time to create helpful blogs for our customers and readers.