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Tips to Make Sure You Have a Delicious and Safe Holiday

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Hard to believe that the holidays are right around the corner! It seems like just yesterday we were 
packing away the holiday decorations and gearing up for one of the coldest winters in history. But here
 we are again, and the debate for the perfect turkey continues.

Over the years, we have tried many different recipes and when Chef Raffy made his marinade we knew we had our winner!

Check out Chef Raffy’s blog for the recipe.


A few tips to make sure you have a delicious and safe holiday:

1. If using a frozen turkey, make sure that the turkey is completely defrosted in the refrigerator before placing the turkey in the marinade.

2. Marinate the turkey overnight, in the refrigerator, to ensure that the turkey has time to get the
full flavor, but doesn’t get in the temperature danger zone

3. When the turkey is done in the oven, let the turkey rest and then cut the turkey in 1⁄2” pieces to
hold the moisture.

4. Enjoy!

We all know it’s not just the bird at the center of the table that makes the meal. The sides are just as delicious and important! Every family has their special recipes, but our experience suggests that using the freshest seasonal products and keeping it simple is the best way to enjoy your seasonal favorites. This allows the food to compliment, and not compete, with the other dishes. Roasted squash, freshly mashed potatoes, seasoned stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce and freshly roasted brussel sprouts are simple 5 ingredient or less sides that can taste delicious and be made with ease!

Another idea is to create a theme. We have used cranberries and worked them through every dish to help make a cohesive meal with holiday charm.

Last but not least, this time of year gives us great ideas in nature to make our thanksgiving table look festive, without a lot of expense. This year, we bought some pumpkins, some spray paint that matched our theme, some glitter, and created a festive holiday theme. You can check out some of our favorite ideas on



Don’t forget to check out Chef Raffy’s blog for our marinade recipe and if you give it a try, please let us know! We would love to hear what you think!


From our Viga family to yours, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots to be thankful for!

Shawn Wilson is one of the Founding Partners of Viga Italian Eatery & Caterer. Using her passion for food and entertaining, she has helped create our reputation for amazing food, top notch catering, and beautiful presentation. Living in Gloucester with her 3 Italian Greyhounds, Shawn uses her extra time to create helpful blogs for our customers and readers.