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Tips to End Hibernation

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Spring is in the air (even if it doesn’t feel like it quite yet) and we are all turning an eye on summer and shedding the pounds we packed on while we were buried under 100+ inches of snow.


While no one can blame you for self soothing with a large pasta and a side of chicken parm, it’s once again time to get outside, get moving, and shed our winter weight! Here are some tips to make the task less painful.


Start your morning with a protein packed breakfast

Even if you don’t think you have time for breakfast, a protein shake, a hard boiled egg or whole grain toast with almond or peanut butter is a great way to start your day and get your metabolism going.


Consider replacing your sandwich for a lunch bowl

That eggplant parm sandwich with extra cheese is delicious, but did you know that we can make all of our sandwiches as a bowl with brown rice for a healthier alternative?


Consider replacing a juice or soda for infused water

Soda and juice are loaded with sugars and chemicals. Try fruit infused water for a tasty and healthy alternative. Add lemon, mint, berries or cucumbers to your water and refrigerate. Enjoy when you are ready!


Carry a filtered water bottle with you everywhere

If you are trying to increase your water intake, carry water with you and drink it through out the day. It’s a great way to stay hydrated and curb your appetite.  


Skip the potato chips and replace with a piece of fruit, a hard boiled egg or trail mix

Snacks don’t have to be bad for you. Check out our recipe blog to see an easy way to make delicious and healthy kale chips. 


Take a stroll down the produce aisle

Fruits & Veggies are starting to make a comeback with every week bringing more delicious options. Challenge yourself to try something new with each trip to the grocery store. 


Speaking of strolling, instead of ordering your breakfast, lunch or dinner to be delivered, get out there and pick it up yourself! Just changing small things, like a ten minute walk to pick up lunch, can have a big impact on your overall health and well being!


Little things add up and you will be looking AND feeling summer ready in NO TIME!


What are you doing to break out of the winter hibernation?


Shawn Wilson is one of the Founding Partners of Viga Italian Eatery & Caterer. Using her passion for food and entertaining, she has helped create our reputation for amazing food, top notch catering, and beautiful presentation. Living in Gloucester with her 3 Italian Greyhounds, Shawn uses her extra time to create helpful blogs for our customers and readers.