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Time for Lunch!

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From our menu, you can probably tell that we think variety is the spice of life. Finding interesting lunch options when you work at the location every day can be tricky! That’s why we have partnered with Fooda.


Fooda offers fresh authentic meals from chefs that care about great food. Their restaurant partners (and Viga is one!) maintain a great reputation for their tasty food and friendly service.


They fight food boredom by featuring different restaurants each day. Restaurants are chosen for their food quality, service and affordability to fit into your lunch budget so you’ll find yourself looking ahead to see which cuisines will be featured next.


They have a few options; delivery, catering and Pop Ups. Viga participated is the Pop Up and Catering offerings. What’s a Pop Up you ask? A different restaurant literally “pops up” at your location to serve a sampling of their menu, directly in your office. 


Some of the highlights are:

Restaurants set up in your location during lunch

Walk up and buy, food is made to order

Pay with cash or credit

Look forward to a new restaurant every day

Ideal for offices of 400+ people


We have found that Fooda is a great partner and our customers have really enjoyed the offering too!  You can find Viga at the Prudential Center several times a week, along with other great local restaurants, as well as at private Pop Ups through out the city.


If you are interested in learning more, check out Fooda’s website.


Happy Eating!





Shawn Wilson is one of the Founding Partners of Viga Italian Eatery & Caterer. Using her passion for food and entertaining, she has helped create our reputation for amazing food, top notch catering, and beautiful presentation. Living in Gloucester with her 3 Italian Greyhounds, Shawn uses her extra time to create helpful blogs for our customers and readers.