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Back to School!!!

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Hard to believe that the summer is coming to a close and it is back to school time already!  We know that it is a stressful time, as after school programs begin again, not to mention homework!  Here are a few tips to help make things easier.


1. Make breakfast ahead of time

Each Sunday, take a scrambled egg mixture, loaded with cheese, veggies or meats and bake them in the over for 25 minutes, then store in your freezer. Each morning, pop one in the microwave for a few seconds for a fast and healthy breakfast. 


2. Make Extra

Making soup, sauce, chili or even lasagna? Make an extra portion and store it in your freezer to a quick and delicious meal!  We prefer freezer bags to Tupperware to maximize the space in the freezer. 


3. Turn last night’s dinner into lunch

Take your protein and grain, throw in some mixed greens and veggies and turn last nights dinner into a tasty salad. Put dressing in a sandwich bag and seal to have a tasty lunch without the hassle.


4. Pre-pack lunches for the week 

Put your kids favorite treats in color coded bins and let them select their lunches by selecting on item from each bin to ensure a healthy and balanced meal they will actually eat!


5. Think outside the sandwich

A hard boiled egg, a piece of fruit, a few slices of hard cheese and multi grain crackers and almond butter provide a satisfying meal that is easy to have locked and loaded and keeps lunchtime boredom away.


6. Pick up dinner from Viga!

Our 140 Clarendon location is open until 7 PM. Plenty of time to pick up one of our entrees for your family to enjoy!  Call us to preorder and just drop by to pick up on your way home!



What are some tips you use to keep things running smoothly for back to school?





Shawn Wilson is one of the Founding Partners of Viga Italian Eatery & Caterer. Using her passion for food and entertaining, she has helped create our reputation for amazing food, top notch catering, and beautiful presentation. Living in Gloucester with her 3 Italian Greyhounds, Shawn uses her extra time to create helpful blogs for our customers and readers.